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Post Shamelessly

Wanna help out? Repost this banner on your journal/anywhere bleach oriented that you don't see it. The more people interested the bigger the (possible) turnout.

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Tentative Timeline

This is a tentative timeline for the fest. It's tentative because I may not close the prompting thread later for lack of turn out.

Friday February 4th Prompting is open
Monday February 14th Prompting will close
Wednesday February 16th Claiming will open
March 13th First Check Up
April 10th Second Check Up
April 24th Final Check Up (submit stories)
May 1st Posting Begins

A bit of logic behind my choice of a TL? Well first off, I wanted to give everyone PLENTY of time to work. The check up dates seem bothersome, but I know that I have a prompt that I got in Jan, that I've only written an outline for because I have fests with closer due dates. It's easy to push to the back of your mind. Secondly, bleachbigbang is supposed to start May 1st. This means people aren't overlapped with fests.

Questions, comments, and concerns may be posted here.


This is where you can post what fiction/art (do we have any artists?) That you'd like to see. Under the LJ-cut I've added a few little hints and tricks to getting your prompt chosen. There is no guarantee that someone will pick your prompt. I repeat, no guarantee. This is not an exchange where everyone who signs up is an artist or a writer and everyone gets something back. That works well with established festivals where they know the artists/writers in question will come through. It's a terrible feeling to think your going to get a writing gift and then realize that you won't because someone didn't like their prompt/got caught up in RL etc.

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Remember, each person make prompt up to 3 times!!! Happy Prompting!!

Intro Post

Hello and welcome to the first bleachfest fest! This is the intro post where I will be explaining what exactly a 'fest' is, what I'll be doing, and what I'm asking others to do.

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