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General Information and Rules

1) This fest for multiple pairings within the Bleach fandom. (Only bleach, no crossovers!) Doesn't matter if it's gen, het, yuri, or yaoi. If you don't like what is being posted, just don't read it.

2) All fiction and art MUST be new and written/drawn specifically for this fest. It should NOT be posted anywhere else until after it's posted here, which will be in May.

3) You MUST make an age statement. No one under the age of 18 can write/draw and/or receive R/NC-17 work. Those who are under 18 may still participate, but it is not allowed for someone to write you porn and vice versa – both your submission and the gift for you must be PG-13 or under. Anyone who turns 18 before May 1st may give/receive R/NC-17 work.

4) You can submit up to 3 prompts. Each prompt should include the following information:


1) Stories should have a minimum of 1500 words.
(Experience shows that stories at the 8000 word length are read the most.)

2) You may choose more than one prompt, however--the second prompt may only be chosen after your first story has been submitted.

3) All submissions must be beta-read and free of spelling mistakes. The name of the beta(s) should be included in the story information.(If you have trouble finding a BETA tell a mod and we will see what we can do.)

4) All submissions will be checked before posting and, if necessary, returned to the author with comments. We reserve the right to make general spelling, canon spelling and minor grammatical changes and will send an amended version of the document back to the author.

5) All work should be a stand-alone and MUST not be part of another series or a sequel.

6) Story may not be posted anywhere else, on your livejournal, fanfiction.net, deviant art etc--until it is posted here.

7)Your finished story must be supplied as a Word document with the “.doc”, ".docx", or ".txt" coding. It should be supplied complete with all LJ coding, such as bold and italic, and appropriate warnings.

rules were borrowed from HEAVILY (as in copied) from do_me_veela which is an Harry Potter Veela posting community.


1) Art should be the equivalent of 1500 words (or more.)

2) Art may be in any medium. It may take the form of a sketch, a comic, a fully colored drawing, chibis etc--as long as it is evident that the equivalent of 1500 words (or more) of effort was put into it it.

3) Art may not be posted anywhere else, ie. Deviant Art, before it is posted here.

4) You may choose more than one prompt, however--the second prompt may only be chosen after your first story has been submitted.

Note: This is NOT the prompting thread. Post Promots here
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